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The Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) department at Santa Clara University consists of six full-time faculty and more than 30 “affiliate” faculty who teach WGST courses occasionally while being officially attached to another department. Most of these affiliate faculty conduct and publish research related to feminist and gender studies.

In 2016, the Chair of the WGST Department approached the library to see if we could create a web site or portal to feature feminist and queer works produced by faculty across the Santa Clara campus. After determining that it was technically feasible, the library suggested the use of the institutional repository, Scholar Commons, to create a special online collection. Thus began a collaboration between the WGST department and the Library’s Digital Initiatives unit that resulted in unforeseen benefits for all involved. These benefits include:

*For the WGST Department and the University, the creation of the online collection meant more recognition for the wide range and the importance of feminist and gender scholarship at Santa Clara.

*For the library (who created and administers the institutional repository), the project generated a lot of interest in Scholar Commons and led to a significant addition in the number of faculty contributing their works to the repository. Additionally, this project allowed the library to visibly demonstrate the impact of open access collections, and advanced the librar’s commitment to open scholarship.

* For the authors, inclusion in the collection meant more access and discovery for their articles and papers without any additional work. All they had to do was provide a bibliography and sign an agreement, and the library dealt with all the copyright issues related to their works

This poster will describe the goals of this project, the steps involved in the implementation process, the challenges encountered, and the benefits to all parties involved.


Presented in a poster session at the ALA Conference 2018 in New Orleans, LA on July 23, 2018.



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