The effects of catalysts and underlayer metals on the properties of PECVD-grown carbon nanostructures

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The growth behaviors and contact resistances of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon nanofibers (CNFs) grown on different underlayer metals are investigated. The average diameter, diameter distribution, density, growth rate and contact resistance exhibit strong correlation with the choice of catalyst/underlayer combination. These observations are analyzed in terms of interactions between the catalyst and the underlayer metal. The CNT via test structure has been designed and fabricated to make current–voltage measurements on single CNTs using a nanomanipulator under scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imaging. By analyzing the dependence of measured resistance on CNT diameter, the CNT–metal contact resistance can be extracted. The contact resistances between as-grown CNTs and different underlayer metals are determined. Relationships between contact resistances and various combinations of catalysts and underlayer metals are investigated.