The mission of the Computer Engineering Department is to graduate students of competence, conscience, and compassion, who are prepared to excel in the field of computing, whether their objective is to enter the workforce or to continue for advanced studies. Our programs combine the theoretical foundations of computing with the practical engineering knowledge vital to industry, to provide a broad and integrated curriculum. At the graduate level, the department provides advanced and specialized education in computing, offered in formats that meet the needs of both working professionals and full-time students. The Ph.D. program equips students with the ability to advance the state of knowledge in their specialty area. As faculty, we continually strive to contribute to the advancement of the field of computing through our scholarly activities and those of our students.


Submissions from 2018


Best Trade-Off Point Method for Efficient Resource Provisioning in Spark, Peter P. Nghiem

Submissions from 2016


Towards efficient resource provisioning in MapReduce, Peter Nghiem and Silvia M. Figueira

Submissions from 1979


A Review of Approaches to Teaching FORTRAN, Daniel W. Lewis

Submissions from 1978


An Approach to a Modest Digital Laboratory Adjunct forLogic Design Courses, Glen G. Langdon Jr. and Daniel W. Lewis