Sociologists study social organization (structure) and shared meaning (culture) in human groups. We most often study the United States, but we do our work all over the world. Besides the United States, Sociology faculty at Santa Clara have lived and worked in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. At its conceptual heart, sociology studies the way in which patterns of shared meanings and systems of social organization are created, maintained, and transformed over time, and the consequences which result from those particular patterns of shared meaning and systems of social organization.


Submissions from 2011


Addressing Policy Dilemmas with Community Based Research and Assessing Student Outcomes, Fernando Cázares, Laura Nichols, and Angelica Rodriguez

Submissions from 2009


Brazilians, French, and Americans Debate 9/11: Cultural Scripts of Innocence and Culpability, Laura Robinson

Submissions from 2005


Debating the Events of September 11th: Discursive and Interactional Dynamics in Three Online Fora, Laura Robinson

Submissions from 2003


Implications of Welfare Reform on Housing and School Instability, Laura Nichols and Barbara Gault

Submissions from 1999


Involving students in the development of a peer education program for college women, Laura Nichols and Linda Lumley

Submissions from 1996


Ecological Approach in Practice: A Case Study of the Ounce of Prevention Fund, Marilyn Fernandez and Laura Nichols