Silicon Valley Notebook


Emilio Sánchez


Teen maturational differences in the effects of straining and protective forces in school bullying and crime-associated fear were compared using a sequential mixed methods approach; the “National Crime Victimization Survey: School Crime Supplement (2015)” were supplemented with content analysis of qualitative interviews with school professionals. Strains induced by drug culture exacerbated the presence of school bullying, particularly for older teens. The protections offered through school safety measures were more in response to bullying, with effects being slightly stronger for younger students. These findings highlighted the direct objective, and indirect subjective, strains created by drug culture (Merton’s and & Agnew’s Strain Theories respectively). But, the secondary preventive role of school ecologies (Human Ecology) in maintaining social order was also underscored. On balance, the types and depth of these experiences were contingent on student maturity level (Elder’s Life Course Theory). These findings not only contributed to the literature on school bullying and related problems but also highlighted the need for programmatic interventions to combat bullying by dealing with drug culture in schools.