New models of collaboration and interdisciplinary problem-solving are going to be necessary to solve intractable world problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and global poverty. This interdisciplinary minor reflects a vision of sustainability that finds the balance of, and illustrates the connections among, a healthy environment, just societies, and a vibrant economy that meet all people’s fundamental needs currently and in the future, especially those of the global poor.

This minor is easily accessible to all Santa Clara University undergraduates as it incorporates existing classes from different schools. The sustainability minor allows students to integrate an understanding of sustainability into their course of study from different disciplinary perspectives and in interdisciplinary ways. The sustainability minor brings a new dimension to existing local, regional, and global SCU partnerships, both providing our students with sustainability-related learning opportunities and an opportunity to assist organizations to increase their commitment to sustainability.

Students will be required to take seven courses to complete the minor in sustainability. Six of the courses will be chosen from a course list that requires students to pick two from each of these dimensions of sustainability: Environment, Society and Economics. In addition, students will choose one project, community-based or immersion course from a menu of courses entitled, “Action Learning for Sustainability.”

Students who seek this minor will become more educated about the environment, social equity and economic issues, and will be part of a cohort of empowered individuals who have the skills to collaborate for effective change.