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14 - AFTER THE CANNONBALL What does it mean to wrestle with your own human limitations and vulnerability as you follow the footsteps of a saint? Hung Pham, S.J.

18 - GROWING When I was little, there seemed to be this nondescript era of life, a foggy “someday,” when becoming an adult just happened. Nikhita Panjnani ’24.

20 - HOW IT STARTED, HOW IT'S GOING For decades, the internet has shaped the way we communicate, but two years of being extremely online hit fast forward on its real-world impact. Matt Morgan.

26 - NURTURING NATURE A story in two stories: How do children change given their circumstances, and how can we affect the direction of that change? Leslie Griffy.

28 - SURRENDERING & SAYING GOODBYE A journey to the moment when goodbye helps you move forward. Laura L. Ellingson.

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Fall 2022


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2022.


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The print issue is incorrectly labeled as v.62 #2.

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 63 Number 2, Fall 2022 [Print issue 62:2]



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