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Santa Clara, Calif. : Santa Clara University, Department of Anthropology and Sociology


One of the most colorful and controversial individuals to bring notoriety to Santa Clara University in the past 150 years was Father Bernard R. Hubbard, S.J.(1888-1962). Known as the "Glacier Priest," for his mountaineering prowess , Father Hubbard gained public prominence in the 1930s for his highly publicized and photographed expeditions to the then little known territory of Alaska. In an era without television and the internet, the public's imagination was captured through public lectures and newsreels. In spite of his larger than life public persona Father Hubbard's relationship with his professional colleagues and the Society of Jesus was sometimes less than ideal when it came to scholarly and educational goals. Perhaps this is best underscored by the fact that following his death in 1962 an exhibit on the Santa Clara University campus on his Alaskan expeditions was closed and dismantled. As the readers of this volume will find, the scholars of the 1960s and 1970s continued to see his documentaries as little more than newsreel filler. Now, as we enter a new century, a new generation of scholars and descendants are finding Hubbard's film and photographic legacy to be the only documentation of a way of life that ceased to exist a half a century ago.

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Skowronek, Russell K.


To view photos from Father Hubbard's King Island expedition go to King Island Digital Collection

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