Influence of a Sleeping Verses Waking Retention Interval on Spatial Visual Auditory Memory Performance

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Winter 2003


Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology


We investigated the influence of a retention interoal spent sleeping or waking on participants' performance in spatial, auditory, and visual tasks. Usingjenkins and Dallenbach 's research ( 1924) as a paradigm, we replicated and extended the original study using a 2 X 3 mixed design with repeated measures. The 2 independent variables were the activity during the retention interoal (i.e., sleeping or waking) and the 3 types of memory tasks (i.e., spatial, auditory, and visual). Fifty-seven undergraduate students participated in 2 sessions. Results indicate that a retention interoal spent sleeping had a beneficial effect on auditory memory performance. We did not find a significant effect for visual and spatial memory performance, but attribute this to ceiling effects within the experimental design.

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