Santa Clara Brief Compassion Scale (SCBCS)

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Compassion seems to be in very short supply in our deeply troubled world. Yet efforts have been underway to develop and nurture compassion for both self and others by researchers, clinicians, clerics, both private and public organizations and institutions, among others in recent years. A more compassionate world would be a better world for everyone. Research has also suggested that contemplative and meditative techniques, such as mindfulness, can increase compassion for self and for others as well. Interest in compassion means that quality assessment techniques must be readily available and accessible for researchers, clinicians, policy makers, and experts in many diverse fields. Measures need to be reliable, valid, and easy to use, score, and interpret. They also need to be affordable and ideally free to use. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the Santa Clara Brief Compassion Scale (SCBCS) published in 2008. An introduction to the scale, information about reliability, validity, and utility, and a brief summary of some of the global research conducted using the scale is provided.

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Handbook of Assessment in Mindfulness Research


Oleg N. Medvedev
Christian U. Krägeloh
Richard J. Siegert
Nirbhay N. Singh