What might spirituality and religion offer the contemporary practicing psychologist?

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There has been much interest in the relationship between spirituality and psychology in recent years with many books, articles, ad conferences offered to health care professionals. Professional psychology has appeared to have rediscovered spirituality and religion with renewed interest in integrating this aspect of life into professional psychological services. Since 96% of Americans believe in God and 40% attend religious services on a weekly basis or more (e.g., Gallup & Lindsay, 1999), spirituality and religion is an important aspect of life for many. Yet most psychologists have little if any training on these matters. There are a number of spiritual and religious tools that could be employed by psychologists in their work with clients regardless of the particular faith tradition (or lack of faith tradition) of either clients or psychologists. The purpose of this article is to articulate thirteen spiritual and religious tools that emerge from the commonalities of the major religious and spiritual traditions that can be incorporated into professional psychological services.


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