Meditation and psychotherapy: Why do therapists only look to the east? Review of Meditation for therapists and their clients by. C. A. Simpkins and A. M. Simpkins

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Book Review

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American Psychological Association


Reviews the book, Meditation for therapists and their clients by C. Alexander Simpkins and Annellen M. Simpkins (see record 2009-08024-000). This book offers an easy-to-read and understandable text to help mental health professionals and clients alike integrate meditative practices into their counseling experiences. The authors discuss various meditative traditions, provide a review of the scientific support for these practices, and then proceed to outline a wide range of tools and techniques to use that focus on Eastern meditative approaches. Finally, they offer the reader several chapters of application in order to demonstrate how meditative practices can be used to help clients cope. However, there are two problems with the text. First, the authors fail to introduce any Western approaches to meditation. A second problem with the book is that the research support for the authors’ points is often dated and incomplete. Overall, the reviewer believes that many will likely find this book useful. It offers a solid understanding of Eastern meditative approaches in a practical, how-to manner from which therapists and clients can both benefit.


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