Defensive and repressive coping styles: Physiological stress responsivity to psychosocial stressors

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The Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychopbysiol<>&ical Research will be held at the Hyatt on Union Square in San Francisco. California, October 19-23, 1988. Members of the Program Committee are: Lois E. Putnam (Chair). W. Keith Berg, David Friedman. William Iacono. Robert M. Kelsey, Rafael KJorman, Roben W. Levenson. Gregory A. Miller, and Scott Vrana. Invited speakers include Evgeny Nikolaevich Sokolov. Moscow State University, U.S.S.R., whose presentation is entitled "Psychophysiology of Information Processing"; W. Stewan Agras, Stanford Uni· versity. USA. whose presentation is entitled " Psychological Processes in Psychopharmacological Effects"; David Rummelhart. Stanford University. USA. whose presentation is entitled "Developments in Connectionist Theory": and Anne Treisman, University of California, Berkeley, USA. whose presentation is entitled "Features and Objects." The majority of the research reports will be given and discussed informally at three Poster Sessions. In addition. Specific problem areas will be addressed in one Structured Panel Discussion and nine Symposia. Following are the abstracts submitted by the participants in the Structured Panel Discussions and Symposia. in the order in which they will be presented and discussed during the meeting. The Poster Session abstracts are published together in alphabetical order by author. Since these Abstracts are being published and distributed to all members of the Society prior to the annual meeting. They will not be otherwise reproduced and distributed to meeting registrants. However, additional copies of this issue of Psychophysiology will be available at the meeting in San Francisco.