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Santa Clara: Santa Clara University, 2014.

First Advisor

Christopher Kitts


Athletes are always seeking ways to improve their performance. Down time and a lack of capable throwers prevent athletic receivers from practicing their skills. We hope to aid athletes in receiving drills within their respective sports and increase practice efficiency. In order to achieve this, the machine has one major axis of rotation driven by a motor. This enables it to adjust where the ball is being thrown. Using an Arduino Uno coupled with a Roboteq AX1500 motor driver, the Automated Precision Passing System is able to throw a ball to a specified point in space by adjusting both the azimuth and ball-throwing motor speed. Our testing shows that our prototype has the ability to position itself in three different orientations as well as adjust the launch motor speed, but we were unable to launch the ball the original distance that we desired. From this project, we gained valuable knowledge in the areas of machine design, control systems, and project management. In order to continue the project and create a functional consumer product there are several improvements that need to be made to the system. The Automated Precision Passing System needs to be more rigid, have more power, and include more throwing positions.