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Have you designed, implemented, and assessed the success of an outreach and marketing program to encourage faculty deposits to your Institutional Repository? In the first year of our program, we were able to increase faculty participation in one academic department from 13% to 31%, and in another academic department from 33% to 60%! We will show you how our team of librarians and library staff rose to the challenge of engaging departmental faculty colleagues in Open Access through participation in the IR. For every plan we attempted to implement, there was a pivot we had to make in order to achieve our desired results. Invitations to faculty department meetings were extended, rescinded, and extended again. New ways to engage student employees were discovered. See how we planned, pivoted, and embraced change, and how that experience encouraged the evolution of the marketing and outreach program for the current academic year.


Presented at 2018 CARL Conference, April 13th, 2018.



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