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The question of the bearing of New Testament material on the issue of preaching by the non-ordained is both very important and very complex. Unless we formulate the question itself with great precision, we risk a discussion that might be edifying, even illuminating, but, in the long run, useless in dealing with the urgent pastoral problem that gave rise to this colloquium, namely, the need to ground, biblically and theologically, the extension of the ministry of liturgical preaching to the nonordained.

Consequently, in the first part of this paper I will attempt to clarify the question itself, as I understand it. Then I will discuss the question of methodology in the use of the New Testament material to deal with the question. Third, I will discuss the New Testament material that I consider most relevant to the question and most likely to foster the development of a fruitful response.

In the second part of the paper, I will "launch out into the deep," so to speak, in an attempt to lay some New Testament foundations for a more adequate theology of preaching than that which undergirds the current discipline.

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Preaching and the Non-Ordained: An Interdisciplinary Study


N. Foley


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