Smart Manufacturing: The Lean Six Sigma Way

Smart Manufacturing: The Lean Six Sigma Way


Anthony Tarantino (Author)



Explore the dramatic changes brought on by the new manufacturing technologies of Industry 4.0

In Smart Manufacturing, The Lean Six Sigma Way, Dr. Anthony Tarantino delivers an insightful and eye-opening exploration of the ways the Fourth Industrial Revolution is dramatically changing the way we manufacture products across the world and especially how it will revitalize manufacturing in North America and Europe.

The author examines the role and impact of a variety of new Smart technologies including industrial IoT, computer vision, mobile/edge computing, 3D printing, robots, big data analytics, and the cloud. He demonstrates how to apply these new technologies to over 20 continuous improvement/Lean Six Sigma tools, greatly enhancing their effectiveness and ease of use.

The book also discusses the role Smart technologies will play in improving:

  • Career opportunities for women in manufacturing
  • Cyber security, supply chain risk, and logistics resiliency
  • Workplace health, safety, and security
  • Life on the manufacturing floor
  • Operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction

Perfect for anyone involved in the manufacturing or distribution of products in the 21st century, Smart Manufacturing, The Lean Six Sigma Way belongs in the libraries of anyone interested in the intersection of technology, commerce, and physical manufacturing.



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John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Smart Manufacturing: The Lean Six Sigma Way