Internet Law: Cases & Materials (2020 Edition)

Internet Law: Cases & Materials (2020 Edition)



This is a casebook for students learning Internet Law, but other people interested in Internet Law may find it interesting. The book covers jurisdiction, contracts, trespass to chattels, intellectual property (copyright, trademarks and domain names), pornography, defamation and other information torts (including limits on web host liability), privacy, spam and the legal issues applicable to blogs and social media. Please note that some of the printed images may be a little blurry. While I’ve done my best to make the hard copy version of the book useful to you, the hard copy is missing some features, such as color images, clickable links and keyword searching. You may find a PDF version of the book helpful to complement your hard copy version. Please email me ( your hard copy purchase receipt and I will happily email you a PDF at no extra cost to you.



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Internet Law

Internet Law: Cases & Materials (2020 Edition)