Introduction to Wavelet Transforms - 1st Edition

Introduction to Wavelet Transforms - 1st Edition



The textbook, Introduction to Wavelet Transforms provides basics of wavelet transforms in a self-contained manner. Applications of wavelet transform theory permeate our daily lives. Therefore it is imperative to have a strong foundation for this subject.


  • No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed. Sufficient mathematical background is provided to complete the discussion of different topics.
  • Different topics have been properly segmented for easy learning. This makes the textbook pedagogical and unique.
  • Notation is generally introduced in the definitions. Relatively easy consequences of the definitions are listed as observations, and important results are stated as theorems.
  • Examples are provided for clarity and to enhance reader's understanding of the subject.
  • Each chapter also has a problem section. A majority of the problems are provided with sufficient hints.

The textbook can be used either in an upper-level undergraduate or first-year graduate class in electrical engineering, or computer science, or applied mathematics. It can also be used by professionals and researchers in the field who would like a quick review of the basics of the subject.



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Chapman and Hall/CRC


Applied Mathematics

Introduction to Wavelet Transforms - 1st Edition