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An extensive annotated bibliography of materials about the historical women of antiquity from the earliest records to 476 C.E., it covers ancient Greece, the Minoans, Etruscans, Hellenistic kingdoms, Rome, and the provinces of the Roman Empire.

Biographies of individual women constitute a considerable portion of the works listed. Ancient works are included, listed both in the original language and in translation. Modern works are covered as well -- books and journal articles published since 1872 dealing with the social, political, legal, and literary achievements and treatment of women in antiquity. English language materials receive comprehensive treatment, with selective coverage of foreign language works (Greek, Latin, French, German, and Italian). Ancient sources are listed first, followed by modern sources, in a simple subject arrangement. The bibliography is augmented by two indexes. The first, a unique and distinguishing feature of the work, lists by name many of the important women of antiquity, with their dates, brief identification, and references to numbered entries in the bibliography. The second is an index to authors, editors, and translators.



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Goodwater, Leanna. Women in Antiquity: An Annotated Bibliography. Metuchen, NJ: 1975.

Women in Antiquity: An Annotated Bibliography