Tableau Step by Step for Beginners

Tableau Step by Step for Beginners


Arshad Khan (Author)



Tableau Step-by-Step for Beginners provides an introduction to Tableau, which is the leading data visualization software. The exercises contained in it cover the functions most widely used by business users. After completing these exercises, you will be able to develop simple reports and dashboards and, also, perform basic analysis. The skills developed through these exercises will become the foundation for those who want to become experts in the use of Tableau software for reporting, analysis and data visualization.Tableau Step-by-Step for Beginners contains 35 exercises, which demonstrate, in a step-by-step manner, various functions such as filtering, drilldown, sorting, swapping, aggregating, trending, and formatting. These exercises show how to work with and manage workbooks, export results to Excel or PDF, and also display, download and export data. Also covered are various analysis functions such as Top N and forecasting. Tableau Step-by-Step for Beginners also demonstrates how to develop a dashboard and customize it by incorporating quick filters and layout formatting.



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Tableau Step by Step for Beginners