Campaign Ethics: A Field Guide 2019


Campaign Ethics: A Field Guide 2019


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Although public service is a noble calling, the process of getting there is not always so noble. As we all know, politics can be an ugly, nasty business. Pretty much everyone who runs for public office believes that he or she is ethical, however in the heat of the battle it is easy to have ethical lapses encouraged by such rationalizations as, “If I don’t win, I won’t be able to do all of the good things that I have planned for my community” or, “That other guy is bad news and if he wins the community will suffer.” In other words, we argue, the ends justify the means. The purpose of this guidebook is to give tips and advice on how to run an ethical political campaign in order to maintain the integrity of our electoral process and the trust of the people in those who would govern. The book will cover the primary areas in which your campaign will likely have to make ethical choices. The guide will also provide nuts and bolts advice on how to create an ethical campaign organization. This book is called a field guide because it is designed to be a ready reference for when you confront the inevitable ethical dilemmas on the campaign trail.



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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics/Santa Clara University


Ethics and Political Philosophy

Campaign Ethics: A Field Guide 2019