Post-colonial, Queer: Theoretical Intersections

Post-colonial, Queer: Theoretical Intersections


John C. Hawley (Editor)



Summary Uses postcolonial theory to critique the globalization of gay culture. "John Hawley's Postcolonial, Queer is one of the best handbooks examining the intersection of postcolonial and queer that I have seen. It reprints some classic papers, such as Joseph Boone's essay on the homoerotics of Orientalism (from the PMLA) and includes a series of brilliant new essays running the gamut from close literary analysis of North African novels to complex cultural readings of queer politics. A solid and useful volume." -- Sander L. Gilman, The University of Illinois at Chicago These thirteen essays address possible ramifications arising from the globalization of western notions of gay and lesbian identities. Examining postcolonial literature, economics, and psychology from a "queer" perspective leads to self-reflexive consideration of the canonization of postcolonial studies and queer theory in western academe. "Finally, the staging of an encounter between queer and postcolonial studies where neither term turns out to be quite distinct from the other and where a new mapping of fields becomes possible. The essays probe the possibility of thinking sexuality in terms of social normativity and globalization, making breakthroughs in several directions at once: history, sociology, literature, psychology. This is the kind of scholarship most needed and most productive: it opens up the question of an encounter through several sites in provocative ways without deciding the final form of the relationship between postcolonial, queer." -- Judith Butler, University of California at Berkeley Contributors include Dennis Altman, Joseph Boone, Jarrod Hayes, Jillana Enteen, Chong Kee Tan, Gaurav Desai, Paige Schilt, William J. Spurlin, Donald E. Morton, J. K. Gibson-Graham, Hema Chari, and Samir Dayal.



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State University of New York Press


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies

Post-colonial, Queer: Theoretical Intersections