Programming With Java: A Multimedia Approach


Programming With Java: A Multimedia Approach



Every new copy of Programming With Java: A Multimedia Approach is packaged with student access to Turingscraft Codelab. Suitable for readers with little or no programming experience, this comprehensive introduction to programming with Java provides readers with an easy-to-understand, in-depth treatment of Java. Programming With Java: A Multimedia Approach uses multimedia-based programs as a means of instruction. With this book, the reader will learn Java using programs that draw graphics and images, perform animation, read and play audio files, display video, and more. Unlike the conventional approach of using a console output in programs, this book utilizes a multimedia approach right from the start, creating examples that are imaginative and interesting. The author carefully explains both basic and advanced concepts by providing simple frameworks that the reader can use to write programs. With a focus on hands-on learning, a large project is developed incrementally in relevant chapters to help explain new concepts as well as demonstrate how these concepts relate to material previously discussed. Programming With Java: A Multimedia Approach covers topics such as Java 2D classes, user-defined classes, inheritance, interfaces, exception handling, GUI programming, generics and collections, multithreaded programming, and more. Turingscraft Codelab access is available for adopting professors. Custom Codelab: Codelab is a web-based interactive programming exercise service that has been customized to accompany this text. It provides numerous short exercises, each focused on a particular programming idea or language construct. The student types in code and the system immediately judges its correctness, offering hints when the submission is incorrect.



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Programming With Java: A Multimedia Approach