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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Melissa Donegan


For our senior design project we decided to make an iOS application that could generate a list of nearby locations for the user to visit. We wanted the recommendation list to be unique for each user instead of a list of the most popular locations in the area. To accomplish this we developed our own recommendation algorithm from scratch. The algorithm uses a tagging system in which users and system administrators are able to add and modify the tags associated with locations. By using the tags associated with each location and with each user, our algorithm is able to generate a recommendation list tailored to the interests of each user. We made an intuitive user interface by creating a simple, clean layout for each screen the user see. We wanted the users to be able to glance at the screen and immediately know what is possible to do while at that screen and what is the purpose of said screen. We have clearly labeled buttons for each of the possible actions, and use color coordination to draw the users attention to important information. By the end of the project we had an application with an intuitive user interface and an algorithm that could achieve our goal. We still need to link the application, server, and algorithm together, so that they act as a single system. One this is done the core project will be functional, and we can begin adding in additional features.