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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Tonya Nilsson


Designing With Bamboo: Frames and Connections in Underdeveloped Areas focused on the construction and testing of specific components of a proposed structure utilizing bamboo. This structure, proposed by the Ecological Building Network, would primarily be used in Haiti and other developing countries that are prone to seismic activity. The components of this structure will consist of concrete masonry units, bamboo frames, and rebar for the connection. This project focuses specifically on the bamboo frame and it's connection to the concrete masonry wall. Tests were performed on isolated unit specimens to gain a sense of the behavior of this mechanism. Information gathered from these tests was used in the construction of a full-scale wall and helped to understand the behavior of the structure in a seismic scenario. Some factors that were considered throughout the progression of this project were the ease of construction and material availability. The main objective of this project was to provide specific design and construction standards for universal construction of bamboo frames and connections for those living in impoverished areas that have been affected by seismic activity.