Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type



Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023

First Advisor

Aria Amirbahman


The rural, Maasai community of Ewaso Ngiro lacks a dependable source of clean drinking water. Their well, Supetai Well, pumps out groundwater that has high amounts of fluoride making it unsafe to consume. The team worked with a local kenyan water and power company, Davis & Shirtliff, to design a reverse osmosis system that will remove all contaminants, including fluoride. The reverse osmosis system takes into consideration current water demand and future population growth. The system will include pre-treatment, reverse osmosis membranes, and post treatment. This system will be powered by solar panels. The team will provide a final report that specifies the requirements for this system and also details potential waste water disposal solutions. This report will also outline the recommended raw water by pass to the treated water in order to bring the hardness levels back up.

The system needs to be stored in a holding room. The team has provided a construction plan for the holding room where the system will be held in. This construction plan takes into consideration local construction practices and also implements additional structural reinforcements using local materials.