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Santa Clara University

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Zhiwen Zhang


This project looked at the effects of tumor size in mice inculcated with CT26 tumor cells. We examined the effects of the addition of an antibody to the small molecule drugs: ‘Drug A’ and ‘Compound B.’ We hoped that the addition of the antibody would enhance the effects of these small molecule drugs at reducing tumor size. This study also looked at the effects of the antibody, ‘Drug A’ and ‘Compound B’ at reducing tumor size, determining their efficacy and their toxicity. The results indicated that the antibody reduced tumor size the most effectively and minimized damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. It was concluded that there was no combinatory effects of the antibody with ‘Drug A’ and/or ‘Compound B.’ The results of this study suggest the antibody can now move onto the difficult humanization step, proving proof of concept. ‘Compound B’ will also likely move on to the next phase of pre-clinical trials as it showed similar results to approved ‘Drug A.’

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