The Archivist-Activist Podcast/Video Group Project is an assignment students are encouraged to complete as part of the course, ETHN 187: Youth Activism & Contemporary Social Movements (Faculty: Fernández, Jesica). Students are provided with the following assignment description: "The Archivist-Activist Podcast/video Group Project is a collaborative and collective assignment that will require you to work together with other students, and as a group, to produce either a podcast or a video. Podcast or video should be between 5-7 minutes in length. These should be interactive, engaging, informative and accessible! The goal of this assignment is to allow you as a group to engage in a critical sociohistorical analysis of past and contemporary student activists experiences, organizing efforts and social movements within Santa Clara University. Many of you consider yourselves as activists and/or student organizers, or leaders at SCU – and rarely do we have an opportunity to reflect, look back, connect and bridge the past struggles that students with similar positionalities and experiences on our campus have engaged, resisted and transformed. Now is the time to look to our past to make sense of our present, and work to decolonize and transform the University through archivist- activists scholarship!"


Submissions from 2021


Uplifting Dreamers & Undocumented Student Voices at SCU, Gabriela Sepulveda, Samantha Castillo, Maria De La Lima, and Christpher Wanis