Santa Clara University's Department of Theatre and Dance is a community of artist-scholars, faculty, staff, and students celebrating the creativity of the human spirit through a shared commitment to undergraduate liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition.

Developing competence, cultivating conscience, and inspiring compassion, the Theatre and Dance Department requires study in the academic and creative processes which include the practice and analysis of: skills required in the performing arts; critical evaluation of literature, history, and theory of Drama and Dance; collaborating in production; and public presentation of performance.

As teaching artist-scholars, members of our faculty make significant contributions in their fields while addressing the vital issues of our time. In the context of the human family and its needs, the Theatre and Dance Department believes that the study of performing arts embodies human interaction. Through the study of Theatre and Dance we foster an ethical and intellectual community, cultivate in our students the ability to think critically and creatively, understand and value diversity, communicate with clarity and conviction, and develop a vision of a better world together with the means to contribute to the common good.