The Santa Clara Eritrean Community Center in partnership with Eritrean intellectuals, publishers, and writers is organizing a symposium on Eritrean literature written and performed in a variety of forms, and languages, including Tigrinya, Tigre, Arabic, and English. This event aims to encourage the continuation of the literary traditions of Eritrea, and provides a timely response to the urgent necessity of supporting writers and performers working in the diaspora by facilitating global networking; creating publication opportunities; and channels of distribution.

Many old and new writers residing outside the country remain active today, and produce writing in several Eritrean and international languages. However, the accessibility to their work is limited due to the challenges they face with printing, editing, and the marketing of their books.

This symposium will be a forum for initial conversations to create support and information networks between authors, publishers, and readers. It will host presentations and discussions by established publishers and leading scholars in the field, who will offer important guidelines on how to prepare manuscripts and work with publishers.

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California March 9-10, 2018

To view a recording of the Symposium sessions click here.

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