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8 - EARTHBOUND IN TUSCANY By Susan Vogel. Cultivating the soil and restoring a Tuscan farmhouse became regenerative physically and spiritually for SCU English professor Edward Kleinschmidt.

14 - PREMIES By Sue Frey. Kathy (Straus) VandenBerg '66 pioneers a rule-defying path, as she puts tenderness and love above tubes and isolation in caring for premature newborns.

18 - SEA HUNT By Connie Hinckley. SCU SCREEM team members probe the blue-black waters of the Arctic Ocean for historic bounty using high-tech robotics.

26 - THE VILLAGE PEOPLE By Kathleen (Nino) Castello '88. Some 40 years ago a community of ex-GIs and their families experienced the quonset-hut variety of dorm life on the edge of the SCU campus.

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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 1998.


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Ann Granning Bennett

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 40 Number 3, November 1998



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