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2 - IS SILICON VALLEY A HOUSE OF CARDS? By Michael S. Malone. A fresh, freewheeling forecast of the future of Silicon Valley.

7 - MOTIVATING CHILDREN TO SUCCEED By Ruth E. Cook. The author suggests some guidelines for helping children who don't work up to their true potential.

11 - IN SEARCH OF HUMANITY By William J. Rewak, S.J. Santa Clara's president explores the university's role in the development of the human person.

16 - LEARNING TO LEAD A photo feature of executives at the beach, engaged in a new and appealing program from the Executive Development Center that teaches them to become leaders. Photos by Gene Miller. Text by Peg Major.

20 - THE REAL POVERTY TRAP By Frances Moore Lappe. The author of Diet for a Small Planet discusses sixth myths that exist about poverty.

26 - A POLITICIAN'S ODYSSEY By Diane Dreher and William Stovet: California Assemblyman and SCU alumnus John Vasconcellos is the subject of this article by two members of the Santa Clara faculty.

29 - FROM DONOHOE ALUMNI HOUSE By Jerry Ken; executive director of the Alumni Association. A new column of news and notes about alumni activities and plans.

30 - NEWS FROM CAMPUS Keeping you up-to-date between issues of Santa Clara Today.

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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 1986.


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Peg Major

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 28 Number 3, Winter 1986



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