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2 - WHEN ARE LEADERS AT THEIR BEST? By James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. There is a revolution in leadership style taking place in corporate America. This deals with how ordinary people get extraordinary things done in organizations.

7 - A MEDITATION IN ST. IVES By William J. Rewak, S.J. Some reflections on the essence of work taken from Father Rewak's travel diary during a trip to England last summer.

10 - TAKING LAUGHTER SERIOUSLY By John Morreall. A philosophy professor shows how important humor is to human life and how understanding our laughter can help us understand our humanity.

14 - IN THE MANNER OF ANDY ROONEY By James P. Degnan. A wonderful spoof of one of America's favorite commentators.

15 - WHAT'S A COLLEGE TEACHER TO DO? By Christiaan T. Lievestro. The trick, the author explains, is to turn students on so they will go on by themselves, liberated from the teacher.

20 - PAULO FREIRE HAS HIS SAY By James Torrens, S.J. A look at the famous Third World educator during his brief visit to Santa Clara last year.

23 - GIVING PSYCHOLOGY AWAY By Dale G. Larson. A new model of mental health training is emerging among a growing number of psychologists who want to share their skills with others.

27 - NEWS OF SANTA CLARA New leaders take over in the President's Club and the Bronco Bench, and the activities of faculty on sabbatical leaves during the 1984-85 academic year are summarized.

30 - CAMPAIGN FOR SANTA CLARA By Kenneth E. Cool. An update on the Institute of Agribusiness in the Leavey School of Business and on the new Institute for Information Storage Technology in the School of Engineering. Also, a report on the progress of the engineering campaign as it climbs toward its $8.9 million goal.

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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 1985.


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Peg Major

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 27 Number 3, Winter 1985



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