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12 - FROM SLAVERY TO SAINTHOOD? With the impending canonization of Pierre Toussaint, many feel the Church is finally beginning to recognize the contributions of its African-American worshippers. By Kathy Daile-Molle '85

18 - AND THEY SAID IT WOULDN'T LAST 4-Remembering Dave 2 Letters to the Editor 4 Santa Clara Today 10 Santa Clara Sports 32 Alumni Class Notes 42 University Calendar Tales of freshman roommates who beat the odds and stayed friends. By Kathryn Bold '81

22 - HISPANIC CALIFORNIANS AND CATHOLIC HIGHER EDUCATION The second of a two-part article featuring the diaries of a Hispanic student who attended Santa Clara from 1857-1864. By Gerald McKevitt, S.J.

26 - LIVING THE REVOLUTION As we approach the second anniversary of Prague's Velvet Revolution, a reporter remembers the stories of the people who took part. By Sunny Merik

29 - IT WAS SUMMER AND THEY CAME A photo essay catches glimpses of the hundreds who converge on the campus from June to August to take advantage of the University's facilities and summer programs. By Charles Barry

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Fall 1991


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Elise Banducci

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 34 Number 1, Fall 1991

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