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18 - What do investors really want? By Meir Statman. A renowned behavioral finance expert reveals how our desires shape our actions when it comes to investing. (Hint: It's not just money that we're after.) 20 - Law at 100. A century of legal education at SCU. See snapshots from across the years-and look at the big picture of how the legal landscape has changed - The Big idea!: Michael S. Malone '75, MBA '77 on Silicon Valley high tech gold and a brief history of intellectual property law. Women's Work: Stephanie M. Wildman on jobs, the law, and a century of redefining "differences." Altruism v. Apathy: Beth Van Schaack makes the case for international criminal law-from Nuremburg to Yugoslavia and into the 21st century. Until proven Innocent: Writer John Deever examines the latest from the Northern California Innocence Project: exonerations and some massive studies of prosecutorial misconduct. 30 - A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion By Ron Hansen, M.A. '95. It was known as the crime of the century. And it's the stuff of Hansen's latest novel, set in Prohibition-era New York. Here's the story behind the book.

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