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14 - INAUGURATING PRESIDENT ENGH By Steven Boyd Saum. On the occasion, a ringing challenge from President Engh: Make SCU a champion for environmental justice. Read the speech and see the photos.

22 - SAVING BOUNTY By Elizabeth Svoboda. Our food-safety system is in shambles, but there are ways to make it work again. For one answer, look to your leafy greens.

28 - CAN WE SOLVE HUNGER IN OUR LIFETIME? BY Dashka Slater. Here are six ideas that, practiced together, will make a difference.

34 - ALTERNATIVE REALITY: "WORLD WITHOUT OIL" By Paul Totah '79. Alternate reality games can help solve future global crises. Ken Eklund '79 has already shown it can be done.

36 - SUPERMAN RETURNS / STILL NO. 1 By Sam Scott. It's jerseys to the rafters for basketball stars Kurt Rambis '80 and Melissa King '93.

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Summer 2009


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2009.


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Steven Boyd Saum

Santa Clara Magazine, Volume 51 Number 1, Summer 2009

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