Legitimation of Hatred or Inversion into Love:' Religion in Kristeva's Re-Reading of Freud

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This paper examines Julia Kristeva's psychoanalytic theory of religion. It situates Kristeva in relation to Freud, the object relations theorists, and the post-structuralist psychoanalysts, and suggest that in her work of the 1980's Kristeva revises Freud's four major cultural texts. She constructs a psychoanalytic interpretation of religion that maintains Freud's most important insights at the same time that it directs new attention to two themes Freud was unable to fully articulate: an inconscious association of anti-Semitism with the body of the mother, and the religious inversion of hatred and fear into love.

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Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 10

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Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion


Joanne Marie Greer
David O. Moberg