Demonstration of the CDMS II ZIP Technology at a Shallow Underground Site

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American Institute of Physics


The most recent CDMS data run (Run 20) was the first run in which multiple ZIP detectors were deployed. Three Si (0.100 kg each) and 3 Ge (0.250 kg each) ZIPs were run with the goals of fully testing such a configuration as well as measuring the γ, β, and n rates simultaneously with Ge and Si detectors. Calibration with γ and n sources established the bulk electron recoil leakage into the neutron band to be less than 0.2%. Low background data taken during the summer of 2000 produced a simultaneous measurement of the muon coincident neutron background with Si and Ge detectors.


F. Scott Porter
Dan McCammon
Massimiliano Galeazzi
Caroline K. Stahle


Copyright © 2002 American Institute of Physics Publishing. Reprinted with permission.

Low Temperature Detectors: Ninth International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors (Madison, Wisconsin, July 2001)