Bringing life into references process models: A participatory approach for identifying, discussing, and resolving model adaptations

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Although reference models are focal research objects in our discipline, surprisingly little guidance can be found on the actual process of identifying and resolving adaptations to reference models. Hence, we present a participatory workshop approach that enables participants to resolve on adaptations by modelbased discourse. We found that three design principles influence the outcome of the workshop: First, we argue that reference model should be constructed as a set of modules to reduce the complexity of adaptation tasks. The modules come with a domain-specific set of adaptation triggers. Second, we applied a discursive process walkthrough. We use the triggers as guiding questions during this phase. Third, when the participants resolved on an adaptation to the model, they additionally had to agree on action items that are necessary to implement the adaptations made. Overall, our workshop approach closes the gap between construction and use of reference models.


Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik 2008