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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara: Santa Clara University, 2014.


Mechanical Engineering

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Robert Marks


Over the past decade technological advancement has exploded and transformed nearly every facet of daily life. Accessories like smart phones are fundamental for daily life and business functions because they are quickly becoming our computers, cameras, wallets, and even keys. Whether it is a smart phone or not, we believe that people need an option to securely keep their valuables on them at all times, even in the water. Our project goal was to create a waterproof pocket that could be retrofitted into swimwear. Multiple prototypes of the pocket have been fabricated and tested to optimize the design. With testing and optimization, our team successfully produced a waterproof capsule that passes our initial prototype requirements. This prototype passed an abusive 80 minute washer machine cycle test while remaining waterproof and maintaining its robust form. Though we have not fully integrated our opening/closure mechanism with the capsule itself, our initial testing has provided the necessary results needed in order to further the progression of our products to meet a successful design for manufacturability. Our next steps require a detailed analysis of the manufacturing process for common swim trunks in order to devise an easy system to integrate our pocket into current swim apparel. The pocket is ready to move to a mass manufacturable product that we may implement into the marketplace.

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