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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2020.


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Gaetano Restivo


This senior design project consists of designing and building a bike powered well pump that purifies water. The Guatemalan NGO Maya Pedal is the critical customer that requested this project, and will help facilitate implementing it in the San Andres community. The project addresses these main needs: providing an easier, faster way to retrieve water and to clean water to safe drinking levels. In addition to these primary needs, a major goal is having the project be scalable within the San Andres community. This means that all of the components are available in Guatemala at reasonable prices, it is durable and no parts need to be replaced regularly, and it is replicable for the local Guatemalans with the equipment currently available. The entire system is designed in Solidworks, with a focus on the flywheel, water tank stand, and bike base which are fully new components that will undergo loading. To help enable a successful project, the team took an initial visit to Guatemala in the Winter to take measurements and gather critical information about the community in order to be better prepared for our Spring Break visit which was unfortunately cancelled because of COVID-19 concerns. The rescoped project goal is to still help Maya Pedal build this machine remotely.