On the performance of SPAI and ADI-like preconditioners for core collapse supernova simulations in one spatial dimension

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The simulation of core collapse supernovæ calls for the time accurate solution of the (Euler) equations for inviscid hydrodynamics coupled with the equations for neutrino transport. The time evolution is carried out by evolving the Euler equations explicitly and the neutrino transport equations implicitly. Neutrino transport is modeled by the multi-group Boltzmann transport (MGBT) and the multi-group flux limited diffusion (MGFLD) equations. An implicit time stepping scheme for the MGBT and MGFLD equations yields Jacobian systems that necessitate scaling and preconditioning. Two types of preconditioners, namely, a sparse approximate inverse (SPAI) preconditioner and a preconditioner based on the alternating direction implicit iteration (ADI-like) have been found to be effective for the MGFLD and MGBT formulations. This paper compares these two preconditioners. The ADI-like preconditioner performs well with both MGBT and MGFLD systems. For the MGBT system tested, the SPAI preconditioner did not give competitive results. However, since the MGBT system in our experiments had a high condition number before scaling and since we used a sequential platform, care must be taken in evaluating these results.