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Through his work, Ted Peters has given us a unique permission to dream1-permission to dream about God's creation not only as it is right now on Earth, but also how it might be elsewhere in the universe both now and in the future. He has taken three of the grandest fields of human endeavor-astrobiology, theology, and ethics-and pioneered them into the new field of astrotheology.2

In this chapter I will present three areas in which Peters' work has motivated my own thinking. First, I want to consider the idea of convergent cultural, theological, and moral evolution between humans and other intelligent life-forms, terrestrial or otherwise. Second, I want to consider the possibilities for divergences between these two groups. Lastly, I want to consider some of the larger-scale evolutionary issues at play in this theorizing, consider a few scenarios, and suggest some directions for future inquiry.

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Anticipating God’s New Creation: Essays in Honor of Ted Peters


Carol R. Jacobsen
Adam W. Pryor


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