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Dissertation - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2021.

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Doctor of Sacred Theology (STD)


Thomas Cattoi


This dissertation aims to move towards a pastoral plan that helps reach the heart of evangelization in the modern world. This work will result in some concrete implications for practicing Christian discipleship among Vietnamese people. Being viewed through the lens of yin-yang cosmological philosophy, I contend that praxis towards justice and liberation in Vietnam should include both resistance-oriented and kenosis-oriented practices.27 Such a holistic motif of the resistant-kenotic praxis, I believe, is also relevant for all Christians in their search for justice and liberation.

The thesis of this dissertation maintains that a praxis-oriented liberation Christology developed by the dialogue between Jon Sobrino and Aloysius Pieris, while also integrating the specific anthropocosmic yin-yang worldview in Asia, will serve as the foundation for a more relevant and integral Christology. This approach will empower the Church’s prophetic mission and inspire the Vietnamese Church leadership to develop a holistic liberating praxis, including both yang (resistance-oriented) and yin (kenosisoriented) practices.

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