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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2021.

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Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL)


Gina Hens-Piazza


Ethnic bias has been a fateful political weapon in parts of Africa. In many cases, this bias has led to genocide. Tribalism is, therefore, this gangrene that has undermined the African continent in general and Cameroon in particular since the official end of the colonial period. The risk of having a genocide is very high in Cameroon.

My research will first present an overview of Cameroon's socio-political situation to understand the phenomenon of tribalism. The second phase of my research studies Isa 54: 11-17 from the three world's approach: the world behind the text, the world in the text, and the world in front of the text.

It is my hope that these different approaches help me develop a spirituality of struggle that can dismantle Cameroonian tribal hostilities. My reading of Isa 54: 11-17 offers a set of principles that can guide such spirituality. If the Cameroonian Christians seriously heed the lessons in this thesis, it can lead them to a praxis of resistance.

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