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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2019.

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Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL)


Julie H. Rubio


Land for the Adivasis is not just an economic resource but a spiritual resource as well. Displacement of the Adivasis from their land in the name of “national development” is unjust and unethical. Therefore, it is a violation of the rights of the Adivasi.

In this thesis, I will first present the life of the Adivasis looking through their history until the present. Particularly, I will present their relationship with the land (earth), humans and the non-human world. In doing so, I will argue that the Adivasis are both victims of oppression and models of protecting the earth and nature.

Secondly, I will present a theological reflection on creation using Laudato Si’ and Pope Francis’ interpretation of creation. Thirdly, I will critically analyze the present development approach of the Jharkhand government through the lens of rights-based ethics and Catholic Social Thought. Finally, I will present an alternative to the present-day approach of the government that is a “people-centered development,” or an “integral development” for the state of Jharkhand.

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