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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.

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Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL)


Eduardo Fernández, SJ


In this thesis, I explore a pastoral approach towards the topic of sexuality during priestly formation programs in parts of Eastern Europe, at the same time, identifying many elements that surround this particular topic in the different societies where the candidates were raised. In this world of rapid change, one in which life moves quickly and people often seek novelty, it is necessary to hold on to the fact that we are sexual beings, ones open to growth and maturity. Regardless of vocation, sexuality remains an essential component of who we are. This work engages relevant literature, ecclesial documents, some statistical indicators, and the views of seminarians and their formators, impressions forged in over ten years of my own religious formation and pastoral work among youth, particularly around pilgrimages.

The aim of this thesis is to underscore the belief that human sexuality is not only an integral part of each human being, but a gift from God, one which enriches the whole person and provides a pathway to the love of God, neighbor, and self. Far from emphasizing fear around this human aspect, it promotes an embrace of it, and in this way, puts forth an alternative view to what many have experienced in their priestly formation programs.

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