Phuong Nguyen

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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.

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Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL)


Hung T. Pham, S.J.


Young Vietnamese Americans refer to those who were born in Vietnam but have been raised and educated in the United States (1.5 generation), and those who were born and reside in America (2 generation). Residing in the United States, they receive many opportunities which come from sociological, cultural and religious aspects. Nevertheless, they also face many challenges that come from those aspects as well. The challenges which the youth face may make them isolated from themsesleves, others and God. Dominican spirituality essential for members of the Dominican friars, nuns, sisters and professed laity, many of whom are older people. However, Dominican prayer, which combines inner life and external activities, is not just for Dominican Order, friars or for the old, but it is very suitable for young people. In my thesis, I will demonstrate how Dominican prayer is abundant and flexible; how it combines inner life and external activities through human gestures, liturgy and contemplation; and how it can help young Vietnamese Americans who are living in a bi-cultural context to overcome their challenges. The personal and spiritual challenges of the youth would benefit from Dominican spirituality and the various way of Dominican prayer. Dominican prayer would not only help the youth to understand their relationship with God so that they can accept themselves as they are, but would also help them to accept the good in each culture, cherish their place within the community of their families and society, and experience the joy of life in relationship with others and especially with God Himself.

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