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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2021.


General Engineering

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Jes Kuczenski


Long exposure to UV-light radiation can lead to accelerated skin aging and skin cancer. Children are the most susceptible group to the dangers of high UV radiation because of their sensitive skin. Solar shading can provide the staff and clients of Kids on Campus with a way to prevent over-exposure to UV-light radiation by replacing the existing shading structure with a structure that offers significantly better protection from harmful rays. This new structure is also cost-effective, sustainable, and automated. By using a light calibrating sensor that calculates the UV index, we created a dynamic shading system to control and reduce dangerous UV-light in a given space. A permanent pergola structure was built on the Kids on Campus playground that accommodates a dynamic shading mechanism and operates according to light sensor readings. The result was an 84% UV light reduction under the pergola, making the space safer for the children and staff. To improve the dynamic shading system, a closed loop-feedback system can be implemented to operate each roller separately based on solar geometry. Such enhancement can improve power efficiency and transform space to make it even more practical.

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